Tools for Django Admin


etc.admin.CustomModelPage allows easy construction of custom admin pages processing user input.

Use it if you need to perform some action in admin requiring user input.

from django.db import models
from django.http import HttpResponse

from etc.admin import CustomModelPage, admins
from etc.tests.testapp.models import MyChildModel1

class MyPageModelAdmin(admins.CustomPageModelAdmin):

    fields = (
        'my_field', 'moy_relation'
    autocomplete_fields = (

class MyPage(CustomModelPage):

    title = 'Test page 1'  # set page title

    # Define some fields.
    my_field = models.CharField('some title', max_length=10)
    my_relation = models.ForeignKey(MyChildModel1, null=True, on_delete=models.CASCADE)

    admin_cls = MyPageModelAdmin  # set admin class for this page

    def save(self):
        ...  # Implement data handling from self attributes here.

        # self.bound_admin has some useful methods.
        # self.bound_request allows you to access current HTTP request.
        self.bound_admin.message_success(self.bound_request, f'Hey, done!')


        # to return a custom response you can assign self.bound_response
        # this can be useful, e.g. for file downloads
        self.bound_response = HttpResponse(b'%)')

# Register my page within Django admin.